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Paul Hooke says

Everything is explained fully and in detail. There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and the teaching style is structured but fairly informal. Teaching places a lot of emphasis on good technique and correct habit from the start. A lot of meaning lost from Karate is being put back in and there is more to it than just heavy kicking and punching.


Lee Church says

I started karate in July 2012, I enjoy learning traditional Shotokan karate. I like that the club is friendly and relaxed, but you are still taught in a professional manner! you are taught in a way to suit your individual abilities and to adapt karate to you, and there’s no pressure to try and keep up with everybody, karate is also good for keeping fit as well as learning self- defence!



Emily Errington says

Would like to say thank you to you though as since doing karate his confidence has come along so much. He really enjoys coming and showing me what he has been doing so thank you.


Nathan Newland says

Archer is really enjoying your lessons so much. I can already see that his confidence has been boosted through learning karate and he is becoming more assertive.


Charlotte Middle, Hayley Clarke and Megan Sinden says

We started Karate in May, we are a group of 3 girls age 25. We initially joined for a bit of fun and exercise, we didn’t realise how much we would end up enjoying it and how much of a difference it has made to our confidence now that we’ve been taught how to defend ourselves using self defence techniques. We started with no Karate experience or any other form of Martial Arts and we are now about to take our first grading. Charlie is a great teacher and although we are taught in a professional manor we still always have a laugh in each class. The guys in the group are also really friendly and were very welcoming when we joined. Don’t be afraid to come along, you get the first 2 classes free so you can “try before you buy”


Sam and Katharine says

I joined Holistic Karate in the summer of 2014 with my 13 year old daughter as my daughter wished to acquire self-defence skills and these classes were local and appeared to fit our requirements. We both now feel far better equipped to deal with a variety of situations, but also have enjoyed learning karate. We have progressed to red belts and fully intend to continue learning this style of karate.
Charlie is a superb teacher and the classes are far from being intimidating, but are relaxed and interesting. The club members are very friendly and we were made to feel extremely welcome. We would both highly recommend Holistic Karate.